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The 1960s movie star, aptly named "The King of Cool", was well-known for his bad boy, anti-hero movie persona. He had an off-camera persona that was equally important. His rugged, self-assured look is still considered to be the essence of vintage cool.

The motorsports enthusiast shuffled between sharply-suited and sporty cool with his favorite accessories: a handsome motorbike, plane or car and a fine wristwatch.

Here are some of the watches that will forever be associated with Replica Breguet Watches:

TAG HEUER The Monaco, launched in Basel 1969, was a revolutionary watch for its time. It was the world's very first automatic waterproof chronograph with square case.Replica Breguet Watches But the watch wasn't well received from the beginning.

Jo Siffert, a racecar driver who was then an ambassador for Heuer, suggested that McQueen wear a Heuer when he requested a racer's outfit for filming Le Mans. The rest is film history.

The Rolex Submariner is a watch that was worn by the famous namesake. McQueen is often photographed wearing a Rolex Submariner, which has been identified in many photos. 5512.

Rolex released the 5512 in 1959. It is a Submariner chronometer rated at 200 meters (660 feet) of water resistance. The 5512 was one of three Submariners introduced by Rolex in 1959 that featured crown guards, silver triangles on the bezels at 12 and silver printing instead of gilt on the dial.blancpain replica watches McQueen wore it on his dominant or right hand to give paparazzi more chances to photograph him.

Rolex Explorer II (also known as Orange Hand Explorer II) was rumored by many to have been worn by Replica Breguet Watches. This rumor alone was enough for it to become a favorite in collectors' collections.